Willemsson is the artist name of Augustijn Roger Anna Kris Willemszoon Vermandere. A cascade of names for a multi-faceted musical talent. Growing up in a muscial environment, he starts to study classical piano at the local music-academy. Later on he learns to play the guitar and builds his own recording studio in Ostend. 

With The Johnsonz, he wins several band-contests (Verse Vis and Westtalent 2003) and makes it to the semi-finals of Humo’s rockrally. They record EP’s, produced by Serge Feys (Arno) and Allan Muller (Metal Molly) but the band eventually splits. “You all want to be John, I’m Paul…” 

Meanwhile Augustijn writes, composes and produces the first CD for Hopla, a TV-bunny for toddlers. Clear and simple melodies, easy to understand dutch lyrics and vocals by Nathalie Herwegh (Eden) are a breath of fresh air. Furthermore he records albums for his father Willem, brother Peter and sister Amalia; while still writing and perfecting his own songs.

Meeting Pedro De Bruyckere (producer Aleksadra Kwasniewska and The Belgian Sweets) puts things on the fast track. Chemistry at work; in 2009 they record the first full-cd by Willemsson  ‘Blind’. Singles 'Time', 'Blind' and 'Each Time' get lots of airplay on Radio 1.

In 2012, 'In Sight' is released. The second album by Willemsson features the singles 'Everest' and 'Berlin2011'.

In 2013 and 2014, Willemsson has evolved into a piano-trio (piano, bass, drums) with the occasional electric-guitar-soundscape-noise. 'The Most' and 'Seven' are released as singles from the self-titled 3rd album.

As a singer-songwriter Augustijn has found his voice, as a composer his language, as an arranger his style. His influences range from the inevitable Beatles to A-Ha, from Chris Isaak to Eels, from Mika to Bach… Fresh, clear, poppy, jazzy, eclectic, but also headstrong and never predictable.

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